• That's right! A mobile chicken house.

    When you stop in for breakfast at Jack's Burger Barn (when we open in town) you will be eating farm fresh free range chicken eggs that were laid right here on our farm in Marengo! Absolutely no fences! 100% free range!

  • It is with mixed feelings we announce that the Burger Barn in Marengo will close at the end of the March 31st business day. It has been a great experience and a great way to start our restaurant. We know the folks in Marengo are sad to see us leave and the folks in Ashland are happy to see us come. All in all this next step we take is necessary for the success of the Burger Barn. We hope everybody will follow us when we open in our new location in Ashland. Construction is underway and we hope to have everything completed so we can meet our May open date. Thanks again to everybody for their support these last two years. We look forward to seeing everybody in the years to come in our Ashland location! I have had a lot of folks ask if we plan to have the same Barn theme in the new building as we do in Marengo... The answer is yes! We are the BURGER BARN!!

  • Hey folks!! Just a little update. We opened last Thursday. We had a crazy and successful starting weekend. It definitely came with its challenges, and we are responding appropriately to ensure you have a very positive and delicious experience at the new Burger Barn. We ran out of a lot of products so we will be closed tomorrow (Sunday.) We will be back open Monday morning ready to serve you a nice warm breakfast! Thanks to those who stopped out these past couple days. We look forward to serving you again soon!!