• That's right! A mobile chicken house.

    When you stop in for breakfast at Jack's Burger Barn (when we open in town) you will be eating farm fresh free range chicken eggs that were laid right here on our farm in Marengo! Absolutely no fences! 100% free range!

  • The hens are in and starting to lay! Every day we get an egg or 2 more. Hopefully, soon we are at full production. Until we open the restaurant we will be selling eggs at Jack's Store in Marengo.

    If the snow would leave us alone we would get the EGGMOBILE out on the fields to do some fertilizing. Hopefully spring arrives soon!!

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  • Hey Folks! At this time we have decided to stay true to our identity and stop serving breakfast. We have been open a week now and have realized that we are the BURGER BARN. With this decision comes the opportunity to focus our energyin other areas that we are passionate about. Prime rib, fish fry, steak night, and many other ideas have been on the table.

    The first week has been an overwhelming success, and the future looks bright with opportunity. Thanks to everyone for the first week we look forward to many more!

    New Hours:
    Monday - Saturday: 10:30am - 9:00pm
    Sunday: 10:30am - 4:00pm

    Jackson & Stacy Kysar